Hi! My name is Randy.  My favorite colors are blue and lavender. I have orange eyes. I love a good spa day with a hot shower and steam room.  I enjoy twirling and tightrope walking. Learning about good eats and safety in my natural environment helps me grow. I love soaring and I love my nest!

I’m a rescued rock dove, commonly known as a pigeon. My pigeon parents made a nest on Andi’s balcony, where I was born. Construction on the balcony was scheduled before I was old enough to fly, so Andi made a place for me in her home.  I lived with Andi, Queen Kira the cat and Dragon the beta fish for six months in 2012.

While I lived in Andi’s home.  My family and friends came to visit everyday. Sometimes I got to go outside and fly with them.  My daddy home schooled me and my friends. We called him Professor Peeps.

Little Bird Storytime is all about Randy & Friends!


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This is the result of 3 months of molting. I could make a boa for Halloween!

Cuddle time after bath

Randy went for a flight today with her friends. My schedule is starting to pick up and when I’m busy Randy gets neglected. She is a very social and intelligent bird, who needs lots of stimulation. I decided to brave the dreaded louse fly and let her out for an afternoon flight. As always, when … Continue reading Cuddle time after bath

I Love My Nest (Part 2)

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