Getting Better at Nesting

This little fid is officially nesting and expecting eggs. I decided to stop chasing the problem and find a solution. I’m grateful that she’s accepted her carrier (which is a dog crate) in the bathtub as a nesting place. I’m joyous and relieved because this solves so many problems for us and she is now calm.

🦜I can move it without disrupting her nest.
🦜It’s easy to clean and access.
🦜I can lock it if I need to leave and she is happy inside.
🦜I can give her privacy, protection and darken the room with the shower curtain.
🦜It’s safe and contained in the tub.
🦜She has a perch she can use to take breaks and stretch her feet and I can hang toys for her to chew on.
🦜I’ve added some shredded unbleached blank paper for her to get comfortable with instead if a cloth that quickly gets soiled with food and destroyed.

Until she lays her eggs, she’ll still come out to socialize in the afternoon and sleep in her nighttime cage that we’ve reestablished. Although, the posture she carries in the pictures and her swollen vent tells me eggs are on the way. Stay tuned!

Also, please note these will be unfertilized eggs that will not produce chicks. However, to satisfy her hormone cycle and instincts she will sit on them for 28 days each. Ending this process early while she is mothering them will produce more eggs, which is hard on her body and can be life threatening. More on that…

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