Cuddle time after bath

Cuddle time after bath.
Randy went for a flight today with her friends. My schedule is starting to pick up and when I’m busy Randy gets neglected. She is a very social and intelligent bird, who needs lots of stimulation. I decided to brave the dreaded louse fly and let her out for an afternoon flight.

As always, when she came home it was time for a bath. I gave her a quick bath in the sink this time, then bundled her in a towel. It takes a long time for birds’ feathers to dry. Birds control their temperature by fluffing their feathers. When a bird is completely drenched and cannot fluff, it risks hypothermia and can die. It’s important to keep a bird warm after bath while its feathers are drying.

I wrap her in a warm towel, use the blow dryer and place her nest under a warm heat lamp in the bathroom. Today, however, she preferred cuddling after the blow dryer. I preferred it too.