Friends of Big Bear Valley Eagle Nest Cam

I guess I shouldn’t worry about Claire’s undying commitment to her nest…! We bet we weren’t the only ones who got up repeatedly during the night to check on Jackie. About 10″ of snow accumulated overnight. Jackie got covered up several times. She woke up occasionally, shook off the snow, rolled the eggs, and laid…

Sittin’ on the eggies, eatin’ Breakfast.

Hopefully someday soon, I’ll be able to show her outside doing something fun! Cooked rice, cooked butternut squash, cooked organic frozen mixed vegetables, tangerine, parrot topper (flax, chia & pepita seeds, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon & Zupreem)

This egg scramble is delicious!

Egg with (washed) shell, cooked butternut squash, cooked rice, fresh squash seeds & parrot topper (flax seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, Zupreem, cinnamon, pepita seeds) & sparingly: coconut oil, olive oil & light seasoning. **High in Vitamins D & A, Calcium & Protein**

Nesting again…

Claire has laid another clutch of unfertilized eggs. I think she’s unhappy that I now have a studio/office outside our home. Although I check on her, I’m working long hours. Where we live now, she doesn’t have the freedoms & comforts she’s used to. If she’s not nesting, she’s stuck in a cage by herself….

Midwife to a Macaw

Claire laid her first egg tonight! Earlier today: Tonight: Claire was weak following her delivery.  After she rested awhile, she ate a piece of banana, two hazelnuts and some diluted chamomile tea before going to sleep. We will likely experience this again within the next 48 hours, as her avian specialist vet advised me. I…