Cuddle time after bath

Cuddle time after bath.
Randy went for a flight today with her friends. My schedule is starting to pick up and when I’m busy Randy gets neglected. She is a very social and intelligent bird, who needs lots of stimulation. I decided to brave the dreaded louse fly and let her out for an afternoon flight.

As always, when she came home it was time for a bath. I gave her a quick bath in the sink this time, then bundled her in a towel. It takes a long time for birds’ feathers to dry. Birds control their temperature by fluffing their feathers. When a bird is completely drenched and cannot fluff, it risks hypothermia and can die. It’s important to keep a bird warm after bath while its feathers are drying.

I wrap her in a warm towel, use the blow dryer and place her nest under a warm heat lamp in the bathroom. Today, however, she preferred cuddling after the blow dryer. I preferred it too.


Randy likes to stand on one leg for comfort and to regulate her heat.  One of her favorite places to pose during the day is on top of Dragon’s fish tank by the sliding glass door.  If her family and friends stop by, she can open her eyes and say hello from her perch.  There’s also a cool breeze.

One picture shows a cluster of loose feathers.  These are baby feathers that Randy has lost as her adult feathers poke through.  Andi has collected them around the house.

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