Feathers Galore!

This is the result of 3 months of molting. I could make a boa for Halloween!

Cuddle time after bath

Randy went for a flight today with her friends. My schedule is starting to pick up and when I’m busy Randy gets neglected. She is a very social and intelligent bird, who needs lots of stimulation. I decided to brave the dreaded louse fly and let her out for an afternoon flight. As always, when…


Randy likes to stand on one leg for comfort and to regulate her heat.  One of her favorite places to pose during the day is on top of Dragon’s fish tank by the sliding glass door.  If her family and friends stop by, she can open her eyes and say hello from her perch.  There’s…

The Little Squab

Randy’s pigeon mommy laid 2 eggs, but one didn’t hatch.  Randy snuggled close to the egg for warmth while her parents left the nest to find food. When baby pigeons are born they are called squabs and they have soft yellow hair to keep them warm instead of feathers, just like a little chick.  As…

Randy ready for bed

Randy gets ready for bed between 9:45pm and 10:00pm at night.  She finds a perch, puffs her feathers, tucks her head and snuggles in.  Where ever Randy chooses to sleep, she stays until morning.  Andi tucks her in with a piddle pad on the floor or shelf below for easy clean-up in the morning.