Cleaning Recipes



Cleans just about everything:

Dish soap & water in a spray bottle.






Air Freshener:
Stainless steel spray bottle
4-6 drops of essential oil (lemon, orange, lavender)
In the bathroom, spray directly into toilet & close lid.

Toilet bowl: Antibacterial Dish Soap

Glass: Vinegar (spray)bottle-vinegar

Drains: Vinegar (pour)


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Poop: Vinegar, Dish Soap Spray or Poop Off and a sponge scrubber

Kitchen counters: Boiling water, wipe with vinegar

Mineral deposits in tea kettle or pots: Boil water and vinegar 10 minutes. Let cool. Rinse.

Always clean away from your bird. If you feel the need to use chemicals, place your bird in a well ventilated and isolated room with a hepa filter and a towel under the door. Check the drafts in your home. If possible, create the bird room where the draft enters to prevent air born toxins from flowing down draft into a closed room.