Claire finally figured out how to use her swing! Now I need to make it more secure!! #swinging #parrotsofinstagram #macawsofinstagram #funnyparrots

Words & Beak

It’s a common myth that parrot communication is limited to mimicking human language.  Claire learns words that help her or convey something that she cannot communicate effectively with natural vocalizations and beaking.  She particularly likes words with multiple meanings, that she can use with different intonations for a variety of messages.  I imagine that parrot…

Safe for parrots

I found this great resource that discusses the safety of common foods, woods and plants for birds. Safeforparrots.com Excerpt: Browse the table of contents for information (based on research) about the safety or potential risks for parrots for various types of plants, foods, wood, household items and anything that a bird in captivity could come…

Fire Danger “Hot”

There was a wildfire near our home last week.  When we came home in the afternoon, the air was visibly smokey.  Claire became unsettled and started biting me. I tapped her beak and said, “No, use your words.” She paused for a minute, looked at me and said, “hot.” ❤️🔥🌫 I taught her hot because…

Shower Time

When Claire’s goes through a heavy molt & it’s warm outside, she climbs in the shower about once a week. And she loves it!

Hormonal Bitey Macaw!

This is why I’m protective of macaws. They bite!!! There are few people who can handle this with love. If you love and work with macaws, biting is and will always be an element of their communication, especially on hormone days!