Sittin’ on the eggies, eatin’ Breakfast.

Hopefully someday soon, I’ll be able to show her outside doing something fun! Cooked rice, cooked butternut squash, cooked organic frozen mixed vegetables, tangerine, parrot topper (flax, chia & pepita seeds, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon & Zupreem)

This egg scramble is delicious!

Egg with (washed) shell, cooked butternut squash, cooked rice, fresh squash seeds & parrot topper (flax seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, Zupreem, cinnamon, pepita seeds) & sparingly: coconut oil, olive oil & light seasoning. **High in Vitamins D & A, Calcium & Protein**

Crazy for Calcium

Hardboiled egg in shell*, Brussels sprouts*, carrot, corn, Hazelnuts in shell**, Sesame Seeds*, Chia Seeds*, Pumpkin Seeds* as part of Zupreem Sensible Seed Mix and coconut oil. *high in calcium **high in magnesium ***egg yolks high in Vitamin D Vegetables are boiled or steamed, which adds essential moisture to the meal.

Scrambling for calcium!

Calcium rich foods include eggs, eggshells, broccoli & sesame seeds, all of which are in this scramble. Boil carrots & broccoli. Cut pre-cooked corn from cob. Thoroughly wash egg Heat a pan with just enough olive oil to moisten surface. Break egg & shell in pan. Scramble. Dust with paprika & powdered garlic (garlic is…

Quickie 6 Breakfast

Make ahead: 1. Bake sweet potato & refrigerate 2. Boil fresh corn & refrigerate In morning: 1. Chop sweet potato 2. Cut corn off cob (if cob too large) 3. Wash blueberries 4. Slice banana 5. Top with flax seeds 6. Add 2 small shelled nuts (filberts)

Sweet Potato Scramble

Covering the bases today with protein, calcium & Omega 3’s (egg, chia & walnut), Vitamin A (sweet potato), Vitamin C antioxidant (blueberries), balanced with grains (oats) and nutrient enriched Roudybush Nibbles.